b'Gains in Efficiency: Mobile Capabilities A Closer Look at WHITE-RODGERSOur mobile approval applications and email alerts give your organization theWhite-Rodgers, a global company that access you need. manufactures and markets hundreds of products, was facing increasing complexities in its AP process. In addition to invoices being lost or going unpaid, the tax audit process was excessively time-consuming and resource-intensive.DataServ analyzed White-Rodgers payables process and recommended an electronic workflow solution. The process was designed to allow receipt of mailed paper invoices to be handled by DataServ using sophisticated mail prep and scanning procedures. Once its documents were scanned and quality-checked, White-Rodgers gained the ability to access the images quickly and securely and then route invoices for approval to managers regardless of global location.The result? White-Rodgers experienced lower financial operating costs, as well as improved and timelier access to important information.White-Rodgers has realized substantial gains in productivity and manageability of its payables processes. Tax audits are significantly easier now that documents and data from every stage of the AP process are available within seconds. The DataServ AP automation solution has providedapproximately 30% gains in efficiency in the departments where its been implemented. White-RodgersJoe Zulich, Manager of Accounting OperationsClient since 2003'