b'Why DataServOne platform for all your needs One platform, one software, one dedicated partner; no need to struggle with different user interfaces, manage multiple vendors, or cobble together a process that might work for you. A solution tailored to you Best-in-class solutions in Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, and Human Resources tailored to each client.Cost savings and predictability Fair, flexible, and predictable pricing model that delivers a strong return on investment in both time and money.Effective change management Commitment to help your employees and vendors successfully transition and embrace the change quickly, including our Rapid Adoption Kit; our initialization team remains in place as long as needed.Flexible approachAbility to start small, perhaps with a simple function, process, location, or bite-sized chunk; together, well establish a roadmap and build your solution one step at a time. DataServ regularly evaluates our performance and suggests ways toimprove, which helps us continually advance our processes. Fox Entertainment GroupMarilou Kahawai, Vice President of Credit, Collections, and ARClient since 2007'