b'Increase visibility and control of the Purchase-To-Pay process throughout your organization by automating the data ingestion and workflow processes. Expect significant cost reduction while increasing productivity. Create a continuous improvement culture, and focus on core competencies with a technology platform enhanced with best practices.100% Digital Single Stream Solution Global Approval MatrixCreate a paperless reality built on an OCR-ingestionSet up currency controls in your invoice approval process so approach that delivers clean and useable dataall whilerules are in place, regardless of the currencies in which your ensuring 99% pre-ERP accuracy. vendors invoice. Touchless Invoice Processing via AutoVouch Purchase Order and RequisitionEliminate the manual comparison or matching work in yourEfficiently request, route, approve, audit, and process AP department, and make the most of your PO processrequisitions or purchase orders with automation. by having invoices automatically scheduled for payment, leveraging the latest in artificial intelligence.Vendor InquiryOffer secure access directly to your vendors who are inquiring Invoice Workflow Automation about payment status or invoice issue resolution.Reduce processing times with responsible controls, distribute coding without the errors, and document and enforce yourVendor Setup and Maintenancedelegation of authority. Grant employees and vendors the ability to facilitate collection of data for new vendor onboarding, upload critical documentation, Check Request and make key information updates with a set approval Allow your employees to request payment on demand whenprocess for control.invoices or credit cards just arent feasible.Expense Report AutomationGlobal eInvoicing Mandates Enable employees to submit expense information, capture Keep compliant with eInvoicing initiatives around thereceipt images, and provide expense data back to your globeno matter the country or technical requirements. system for automated processing.Direct Ship AutomationTake advantage of direct shipping from a manufacturer without the pain of routing invoices through multiple channels and long DSO times.When we approached DataServ, our accounts payable process was disjointed, and we had a three-week document processing backlog. We would have considered it a win to reduce our backlog to just one week. Today, DataServs AP automation has eliminated our backlog, and we dont consider that a winwe consider that a slam dunk! Ohio Transmission CorporationRandy Cummiskey, ControllerClient since 2016'